The Webster Technique: Safe and Reliable

A Chiropractic Method to Provide Lower Back & Sciatic Pain Relief During Pregnancy

As chiropractors, we evaluate the spine for joint function. The spine will affect the way your body functions through your nervous system. The nervous system controls every function in the body.

The Webster Technique: Safe and Reliable

What is Webster Technique?

The spine consists of bones called vertebrae. A typical spine has one skull bone, seven neck vertebrae, twelve mid-back vertebrae, five low-back vertebrae, and one pelvis. The pelvis is made up of a triangle-shaped bone called your sacrum and two connecting bones called an innominate. See Figure A. 

Webster Technique is a systematic way for a chiropractor to determine how the pelvis is aligned and how to correct the function of the joints; in a way that is safe for both the mother and the growing baby. 

The Webster Technique: Safe and Reliable

Why Webster Technique Helps

Misalignments in the pelvis can affect nerve function to the uterus. The uterus is a powerful muscle. Improper nerve function to the organ may result in less powerful or ineffective contractions. Pelvic tension may also restrict the growth of the baby and may prevent the baby from obtaining optimal birth positions. Finally, misalignments or fixations in the pelvis can change the shape of the pelvic opening. Changes in the pelvic opening may affect the baby’s ability to engage in the pelvis. An altered pelvic shape can be associated with longer labor times and an increased need for medical intervention during the birthing process.