To recommend the best, give the best, and EXPECT THE BEST for each and every patient.

He feels a responsibility to help people of all ages get to a stable and properly functioning spine so they can

HIS MISSION IS SIMPLE:To Improve Each Patient's Quality Of Life

Dr. Porterfield is excited to be a member of the Valparaiso business community and to have the opportunity to serve the residents of Northwest Indiana.

He is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, and has resided in Valparaiso since 2008 with his wife, Elisha.

Dr. Porterfield received a Bachelors’s Degree in Biology from Wittenberg University. He then went on to Logan College of Chiropractic and obtained a Bachelors’s Degree in Life Sciences and his Doctorate in Chiropractic.

He is board certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners as well as by Indiana’s Board of Chiropractic Examiners.


A properly functioning spine has the ability to fix many of the ailments that can tend to plague everyone at some point or another. The body is an amazing machine that is controlled by the brain via the spine. The body wants to function at its peak but the brain needs to be able to communicate flawlessly with the nervous system and if it cannot, the body sends out signals that we call symptoms.

As a Chiropractor, Dr. Porterfield’s specialty is to find the root cause of each symptom and to align the spine so the brain can once again talk to the nervous system to keep the body functioning at its best.

Awards & Recognition

Featured in Valparaiso Magazine Jan 2014

Featured in Valparaiso Magazine July 2020


Bachelors of Arts from Wittenberg University
— Biology

Bachelors of Science from Logan College of Chiropractic
— Life Science

Logan College of Chiropractic
— Doctorate of Chiropractic

Professional, Business, & Civic Organizations

Indiana State Chiropractic Association

Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce

Techniques Used in Practice






Long Term Health

Furthermore, he believes in maintaining the spine by being proactive so as to head symptoms off before they get to the point where they are sending a pain signal. Chiropractic along with good nutrition, adequate sleep, the right amount of water consumption, and exercise is a great start to helping your body function at its best possible level.


Dr. Porterfield is great! I came to him for treatment for injuries for a car accident and he has been super informative and makes sure I understand what he’s doing and why. I really appreciate his patience and kindness. Thank you!

Jaime N.

If you are looking for a professional establishment that treats and cares for you like family, Porterfield Family Chiropractic is the answer. Dr. Porterfield is personable and an absolute pro at what he does. His staff that I have interacted with especially Rachele and Melissa, are phenomenal. I need to give them a shout out with scheduling and making Porterfield Family Chiropractic a great place to go for treatment. From the bottom of my heart (and entire back) thank you.

Troy G.

The staff here is so friendly and helped me from the moment I called looking for more information. My first appointment was spent discussing how I feel, where my issues were and symptoms I had been having…from that moment I knew that I had found the right place. They genuinely care about their patients and getting us to feel better.

Lauren L.

I started seeing Dr. Porterfield during my second trimester of pregnancy. He helped me feel comfortable throughout my entire pregnancy – I didn’t have any of the back pains or “common” discomforts that I had while pregnant with my first. Honestly, it was a night & day difference. My labor was only 5 hours which I definitely attribute to being properly aligned. Dr. Porterfield is not only an awesome Chiropractor but also a great teacher who keeps you informed every step of the way. By far this was the best decision I made in terms of prenatal care.

Megan P.

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