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Our licensed, experienced Chiropractors work with patients of all ages. Treatments include relieving back pain, shoulder issues, neck pain, knee pain, headaches, injuries and more.

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Frozen Shoulder

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Knee pain

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Neuropathy Treatment

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Neck & back pain

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Brain Performance

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Dr. Ryan Porterfield


Dr. Porterfield

Dr. Ryan Porterfield is a licensed Chiropractor serving patients in Valparaiso, Indiana.

His mission is simple:

To improve each patient’s quality of life.

Dr. Erika Maroon


Dr. Maroon

Dr. Erika Maroon is a licensed Chiropractor serving patients in Porter County. She is passionate about educating the community about the safety and efficacy of chiropractic care.


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Porterfield Family Chiropractic

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The #1 Valparaiso, Indiana


We're a family chiropractor that helps you and your loved ones healthy. Together, we will help you take control of your health and start living to your full potential.


in Valparaiso, Indiana


We find the source of your headaches and get you the information and advice you need to recover. We can help you put a stop to headaches with chiropractic care. Don’t keep suffering! Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.


Manage pregnancy discomfort and prepare for the baby with assistance from our team. We'll advise you on ways to stay comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

Neck & back pain

Together, let's find the source of the pain and create a strategy that keeps you healthy for years to come. We have multiple solutions available that have greatly helped Porter county patients over the years.

Frozen Shoulder

Regain mobility in your shoulder with our non-invasive frozen shoulder treatment. We'll ensure that you're able to get your full range of motion when you work with us.

Knee pain

Our cutting edge 5 Point Knee Restoration Program is helping patients avoid surgery and regain mobility.

Neuropathy Treatment

The numbness, tingling, and cramping caused by Neuropathy can be miserable to live with. Our Neuropathy treatment can improve balance, reduce swelling, and increase blood flow to your lower extremities. The treatment does not use pills, injections, or surgery.

Manage Your Overall Health

Comprehensive Care

We don’t just focus on pain! We target all areas of the body, with the goal of helping you heal and thrive. Our mission is to match you with a chiropractic plan that sets you up for a lifetime of healthy habits and good health.

Dedicated Staff

Our staff members care deeply about what they do. We believe each patient will feel that for themselves when visiting our Valparaiso office.

Long-lasting Benefits

The benefits that our team provides to you aren’t here today and gone tomorrow. We use tactics that help you heal every part of the body and stay healthy for years to come.

Chiropractic Experts In Porter County, Indiana

Evening Appointments

We know that your schedule is busy and that it can be hard to find time for chiropractic care in between your busy work schedule. That’s why we offer evening appointments for convenient scheduling.

Local Doctors

As local residents ourselves, our team has been serving Valparaiso, Indiana for years. We’ve become an integral part of the community, and we care about continuing to support our patients for years to come.

Take Advantage of

Full Body Wellness

Are you ready to start managing your health and caring for your body with chiropractic care? Reach out to our clinic and we'll get you set up with your first appointment.

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